Baby Computer Piano $0.00
Is your kid constantly pressing the wrong buttons on the keyboard while you were actually trying to do something? Are you getting frustrated because he keeps closing down your applications or doing things you don't know how to undo? The answer to these problems lies in this simple yet incredibly fun and ingenious software called Baby Computer Piano. It will insure you a peaceful and stress free computer experience even with a baby in your lap More details
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Outlook Helper for Excel Payslip $0.00
need to send emails to many people(like bonus,salary and other privacy),but can't use the group sending? usually spent whole day to finish the boring work? now you are totally liberated by the free tool named "Outlook Helper for Excel Payslip". Try it right now.config you email content first(support html body,and zip,excel,pdf attachment),then load your excel sheet including payslip information to the program,and click "send all emails" button More details
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Splendid Desktop Helper $0.00
Splendid Desktop Helper is a powerful screen saver which support many frequent operations,including password protection,floating multicolor bubbles,undersea aquarium flash,background music,wallpaper switch,one key to screensaver,auto download internet wallpaper.basically,it support various picture type,u can add ur own favorite pictures or auto update pictures from internet. More details
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Desktop Wallpaper Changer $0.00
Desktop Wallpaper Changer is a wallpaper downloader and's not only fit for Win7 starter,home basic version,but also for XP,Win 7 ultimate and other windows system. it's very smart,easy-to-use and smooth. you can add your own favorite pictures or automatically get pictures from internet. More details
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Easy Logon Screen Changer $0.00
Easy Logon Screen Changer is the most easy tool to modify your Windows logon screen within few just need select a pictrue then click a button,and you can see the new logon background screen immediately. It support jpg,png and bmp 3 mainstream picture types,and support picture size from 1KB to 10M.The program even supply a link to get download various popular and beautiful background wallpaper. More details
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Super Asterisk password viewer $0.00
Super Asterisk viewer is an most handy program which shows hidden password on dialog or web page or dial-up box(adsl,vpn password), that are covered as the asterisks (*****).it support to find out Ftp password,outlook password,dial-up network password and IE password,chrome will show password by itself. More details
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Timed Shutdown Helper $0.00
Timed Shutdown Helper is a powerful and handy tool,which can duly shutdown,restart,capture your screen,open website,launch program and go into can add a task for once time or repeat it every day. More details
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